Friday, October 30, 2015

[HAZARD] - Are you ready?  Part 4 of 5 - The CSZ

Five simple steps for plan development and management:
  1. Develop a plan to address each of the most likely disaster scenarios you’ll face
  2. Aquire the skills and resources required to implement your plans
  3. Train your team, assigning each and every one of them a role
  4. Test your plans with your team regularly
  5. Revise your plans based on what you learned testing them, and return to step 2

Developing these plans is not that difficult.  You do it naturally all the time.  What’s different is that you document the plan, assign roles, and acquire the resources and skills to execute the plan successfully.

Approach your plan development with three basic types:
  1. Rendezvous - Is my team assembled and ready to execute our plans?
  2. Stay - Our gathered intelligence tells us that staying at our home is the safest option.
  3. Evacuate - Our gathered intelligence tells us that we aren’t safe and need to relocate.

Every plan you create will be some derivative of the three plan types listed above.
Common among all plans are some very basic skills.  
They are:
  1. The ability to communicate even when regular modes are not functional.
  2. Access to dependable sources of information.
  3. The ability to be mobile.
  4. The ability to protect yourself.

To be continued in part 5

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